Walking Sticks
We carry a huge range of walking sticks from New Zealands leading suppliers, we have Tbar, Crook and Anatomic handles, they include wooden, aluminium shafts in folding and fixed length, we can shorten and set them up for each individual client. Call in and see our range
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Floral design
  • Tri foot
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Folding Seat / Walking Stick
See our range of folding seats and sticks, various models.
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Forearm Crutches with standard handles $60.00 / pr
Standard elbow crutches, sold as pairs but can buy single if you only need one, very affordable price.
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Forearm Crutches with anatomic handles $95.00 / pr
Anotomic elbow crutches have shaped grips for left and right hands,ultimate comfort for long term users, sold as a pair.
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Quad Cane Walking Stick (small $56.00-large $60.00)
See our range of Quad canes from Cubro and Allied Medical.
  • Small base  $56
  • Large Base  $60
  • Foam handle
  • Height adjustable
  • Black
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