Enjoycare EP61 16″ & 18″ Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair
The Enjoycare EP61 is a heavy duty electric wheelchair, we will have available the 16" & 18" version, these will be available in 20" & 22" versions in a later shipment, The 22"version can carry up to a 180kg.These machines are also foldable, they come complete with a cushion and calf strap and have 36ahr batteries fitted.These now now in stock, the price is $3995.00. The construction is sturdy giving the stability of a powerchair yet still foldable for easy transportation.
  • Retail price is $3995.00
  • Colour Silver
  • Solid flat free tyres
  • PG electronics
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The AMW Maxi HT is the beast in the AMW range, large 14" wheels,high ground clearance,70ahr Gel batteries, comes complete with front and rear baskets and stick holder, great on and off road, stunning in yellow, also available in other colours.
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