Enjoycare – Outback
The Outback from Enjoycare is a purpose built offroad scooter making it ideal for lifestyle blocks and golf courses, an optional golf bag holder is available and comes with large grass tyres high ground clearance and fitted with 75ahr batteries.
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Enjoycare EP61 16″ & 18″ Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair
The Enjoycare EP61 is a heavy duty electric wheelchair, we will have available the 16" & 18" version, these will be available in 20" & 22" versions in a later shipment, The 22"version can carry up to a 180kg.These machines are also foldable, they come complete with a cushion and calf strap and have 36ahr batteries fitted.These now now in stock, the price is $3995.00. The construction is sturdy giving the stability of a powerchair yet still foldable for easy transportation.
  • Retail price is $3995.00
  • Colour Silver
  • Solid flat free tyres
  • PG electronics
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Enjoycare 18″ Electric Wheelchair
The Enjoycare EP66 Transportable electric wheelchair is a new addition to there range, lightweight with removable legrests and fold down backcanes and a removable battery pack enable it to be loaded in a car and transported easily. These are now in stock and we are extremely happy with the looks and quality, fitted with Taiwanese made motors and Penny and Giles electronics.
  • Retail price is $2495
  • Colour Blue
  • Solid flat free tyres
  • 20ahr batteries
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