Fourstar-Golf Cruiser
The 3 wheel golf cruiser is the ideal way to get around the course for those struggling with mobility, golf bag mounts on the front, comes with sand bucket,scorecard holder,wide grass tyres and charger, easily gets around 18 holes even on hilly courses.All this for only $3795.00
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Merits Silverado

This is one of Merits new additions to there range, modern trendy looks, stylish wheels, fitted with 75ahr batteries it has a range of up to 50 km. Comes with a digital dashboard complete with speedo and a lighter socket to plug … Continued

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Walking Sticks
We carry a huge range of walking sticks from New Zealands leading suppliers, we have Tbar, Crook and Anatomic handles, they include wooden, aluminium shafts in folding and fixed length, we can shorten and set them up for each individual client. Call in and see our range
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Floral design
  • Tri foot
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NZMG Electric Golf Trundler HME-601T
The New Zealand Mobility Group is about to release a range of golf trundlers to the New Zealand market, This is the base model of the electric range but comes with scorecard and umbrella holder, optional travel bag and rain covers will be available. We expect it to retail for $795.00, the rain cover for about $40.00 and the travel bag about $50.00, they are due end of July 2016. This model also has preset distance control, you can set to go 100m etc and it will stop automatically
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NZMG Electric Golf Trundler HMR-601D
New Zealand Mobility Group are about to release a range of golf trundlers to the New Zealand market, this is the remote control model, comes with scorecard and umbrella holder as standard, optional extras will be a travel bag and rain cover. We expect them to retail for around $995.00, they are due around end of July 2016.
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Forearm Crutches with standard handles $60.00 / pr
Standard elbow crutches, sold as pairs but can buy single if you only need one, very affordable price.
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Forearm Crutches with anatomic handles $95.00 / pr
Anotomic elbow crutches have shaped grips for left and right hands,ultimate comfort for long term users, sold as a pair.
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Cubro Pressure care cushion $99.00
The Cubro pressure care cushion gives the ultimate comfort, use on a chair, wheelchair, scooter or anywhere you sit.
  • Dust mite resistant
  • 2 way stretch
  • breathable cover
  • L-W-H 510x450x75
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